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Before starting a game of Circle Empires, the player can choose between 18 different Leaders. Each Leader has a different strength (and sometimes a weakness) that makes playing as him/her a unique challenge.

List of leaders[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Starts with Each claimed circle gets Other
Wolfam.png Wolfam the Warlord +300 Wood +1 Tower
Wilberforce.png Wilberforce the Wizard +400 Gold +1 Training Dummy
Barg.png Barg the Barbarian +400 Food +3 Axe Throwers
Ephius.png Ephius the Economist +400 Food
+2 Workers
+1 Bank
+1 Gold pile
Barandur.png Barandur the Builder +1 Wood Wall Recruits Golems instead of Knights
Sentia.png Sentia the Spellbound Workers work at double speed
Workers who are idle for 12 seconds, become Pumpkins
Harold.png Harold the Hardy -450 Wood
-500 Food
-1 Worker
Laura.png Laura the Lifegiver +3 Healers +1 Gold pile
Xee and xess.png Xee and Xess the Demon Couple +1 Poison Tower Can recruit Mermaid Warriors or summon the undead
Morgoth and daughters.png Morgoth and Daughters +1 Poison Tower Can recruit Goblins and Frogs
Swifty.png Swifty the Scavenger Lord Bonus resources from kills: +100%
Puck.png Puck the Pumpkin King +1000 Wood
Darius.png Darius the Druid +300 Wood +3 Trees Recruits Crawler Queens and Poison Frogs instead of Knights and Dragons
Mindy.png Mindy the Mushroom Mage +1 Explosive Mushroom
+1 Healing Mushroom
+1 Extra Life Mushroom
Wyona.png Wyona the Water Queen +10 Fish
+1 Gold-Fish
(only in Lakes)
Recruits Mermaid Healers and Mermaid Spearmen instead of Axe Throwers and Healers
Gets extra fish in Lakes and Swamps.
Angie.png Angie the Adventurer +100 Gold
+10 Guards
+5 Archers
+1 Knight
+2 Healers
+1 Wizard
Cannot build any Buildings or recruit any Units
May find recruitment options from conquered circles
Tenebria.png Tenebria the Tribal Queen +10 Workers Recruits Frenzy Mages and Druid
Cannot recruit any Basic Units except Workers
Demian.png Demian the Dragon +400 Gold +2 Workers