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Boss monsters are encountered in the Monster Hunt game mode. Each monster has set stats and map size but depending on the difficulty level they might get extra lives.

At first, Maugor the Monster is the only available boss monster. Defeating it unlocks the next, more powerful monster and so on, with Mahu the Mad Dragon being the ultimate challenge.

List of boss monsters[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Map size Health Damage Notes
Maugor.png Maugor the Monster S 800 15 Armor 10
80% knockback resistance
Sudogar.png Sudogar the Sorcerer M 700 100 Deals splash damage
Burning damage: 10 (for 8 seconds)
Arg.png Arg the Anger Lord M 1500 60 Armor 10
80% knockback resistance
Reeker.png Reeker the Red Dragon L 900 80 Burning damage: 10 (for 15 seconds)
Ron.png Ron the Rebel King L 2000 90 Armor 10
80% knockback resistance
Geld-zom.png Geld-Zom the Ghastly L 3000 30
Morgana.png Morgana the Mother of Monsters L 3000 200
Gruff.png Gruff the Goblin General XL 1300 15
Voltaire.png Voltaire the Vicious Vampire XL 2500 200 Lifesteal: 200%
Can't be healed
60% knockback resistance
Hur.png Hur the Hungry Dragon XL 1300 90 Burning damage: 15 (for 15 seconds)
Damages all hostiles in the line of fire
Ne-morg.png Ne-Morg the Master Necromancer XL 1000 70 Freezing damage: 70% slow down (for 5 seconds)
Anyone it kills will become a Zombie
Mahu.png Mahu the Mad Dragon XL 1700 150 Burning damage: 20 (for 15 seconds)